How to Use the Wish List

In order to have a wish list, you will need to create an account.

You can create multiple wish lists if you like, and have some public, some private, etc. People can search for your public wish lists with your email address, so be sure to tell them the one you used to create your account with.

Click on "Wish List" on the menu bar near the top of the page, then select “manage my wish lists”.

You can add new ones, edit existing ones, etc. The main wish list is called “Default” but you can rename it in the edit function. IMPORTANT:  Please do not use any special characters or punctuation in your wishlist name, such as "Susie's Wishlist".  That apostrophe has a special meaning to the software code and it will crash. 

You can’t delete the default, even if you rename it, but you can delete the items from it.  

To add items to your wish list:  Click on the item name and when the item description appears, there is a little blue button to “add to wish list”. It will automatically add it to the default wish list, but you can go into “manage my wish lists” and move it from one to another of your wish lists.

If you wish to add an item from your wish list to your shopping cart (or if your friend wants to buy it for you) they can go into the wish list and there’s a place to “add to cart”.

 Note- if an item subsequently becomes sold out, it will automatically disappear from your wish list.

If you have any questions, just email me via the "contact" information link.

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